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how to incite a movement.

as a young man what can I do too start a movement to pressure governments to ending/funding genocides, as well lead and start programs to help and improve my community with an end goal of leaving the world reformed for the better like the men of great you always talk about. (ps i love the podcast will shout you out when I'm my own Caesar.)

Ernest Shackleton's Episode is 4 Sec Long in the Premium Feed

Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but I just wanted to let this "bug" known. Ernest Shackleton's Episode is only a 4-second long audio in the Premium Feed. (Spotify to be specific) It's full-length on the free/normal podcast feed so I'm listening there. Cheers!

Pods on india

Can you please do pods on Indian historical figures Like.. Krishna,Ram,Chatrapati Shivaji ,Peshwa Bajirao,Maharana Pratap,Rana Sangha and many more

Approach to preparing for work + Arjuna

Your art flows incredibly well. I am just wondering what your approach is, in terms of: 1. what’s your work routine? 2. what are things you use to enhance your work? 3. how do you induce focus? Additionally, will you ever do an episode on Arjuna from The Mahabharat (please read the story about him and the birds eye, his focus may be something that interests you)

Routines vs Obsession

How do I know whether to pursue obsession a la Mr. Beast or if I should pursue a disciplined Cal Newport-style life? I have ADHD and have always bounced around from interest to interest, getting really into something, making a whole mental plan about how I'm going to get good at this thing, and making a whole 5-10-year plan and everything, only to do the same thing for something different the next week. To me, it seems like the obsessions derail my routines and don't really amount to much. It's hard to get really good at anything when you lack the consistency of routine. I feel like I'm at a crossroads, and my question is whether I should work on "hacking" my obsession as my main strategy, or whether I should instead try to build routines and systems that ensure I am consistent. Thanks, Travis